Our Values

Customer Responsiveness: 

The reason for us to live is the presence of our customers and the ability to provide their requirements in the shortest lead time whilst providing the right quality products through enhancement of improved systems.

People Focused:
- Living by the “VALUE FOR MONEY” ASPECT.
- Focus on our allegiances and relationships.
- Working as a team to deliver purposeful value.

- Honesty and trust.
- Doing what is right even when it is difficult. Innovation:
- To us, innovation is being brave and resourceful enough to do something original
- that is products tailor made to our customer satisfaction.
- We will always advance our services.
- Advise to clients as to the best products

Our Address

Plot 22, Coronation Street, Oscar House 
UMA Show Ground, Kampala, 21603, K’la (U)
Tel: 0772 838646,  0712 363820,  0702 838646

Working Hours:

Weekdays: 09.00am to 5.30pm
Saturday:   09.00am to 1:30pm